Smart Home Intrusion Detection Devices & Systems

Smart Home Intrusion Detection Devices & Systems

Have you ever stopped to think about the dangers your home face?

Smart Home Intrusion Detection Devices & Systems

Using only market-leading intrusion alarm suppliers, rest assured your home is fully protected. With easy-to-use alarm controls and SmartApp availability, it couldn't be easier.

Your home should be a place where you feel safe, let us protect it!  Our monitoring station will look after your home 24/7 leaving you to do things that matter.

Our wireless installations can be from as little as 90 minutes, you will barely notice we are there. Our wired installations may take a little longer, either way, we'll ensure total protection for your family and home, both inside and out.

Because you always deserve more!

Check IconTailored alarm designed to suit your home

Check IconGSM & WIFI systems available

Check IconEasy to use control panel and SmartApp

Check IconNext generation intrusion alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring avaliability


With our HKC mobile App, you can control your home alarm from anywhere, at any time.

You can have everything you need in just one click; accessing your information and controlling your household instantly.

How to get the App?

The app is available on Android and iOS, so you can find it on the corresponding app stores such as Google Play or App Store.

What does the payment cover?

Payment covers the cost of the SecureComm cloud-based service. The service is provided via the HKC App, users will be notified in the event an alarm is activated.

What is SecureComm?

SecureComm is HKC’s Cloud Solution for a HKC Alarm & App. The TheSecureComm service is operated by Security and Risk Communications Limited which is a sister company of HKC.

What is my Site ID and Password?

At the system keypad, key in 0*9, followed by your user code. This will display your site ID and password. If this is not set up, please contact Cascade Security today.

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