What's New in Home Security? 3 Trends You Should Know.

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What's New in Home Security? 3 Trends You Should Know.
Home Security Protection
June 1, 2022

What is the best example we can provide you?

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization proclaimed a worldwide public health emergency.

We have been fighting against this terrible pandemic for more than two years since the COVID entered our lives. Nobody was prepared for it, and neither were the companies.

Spending most of the time indoors makes you wonder about a lot of things, such as home decoration, the layout, wall colour, or home security.

How safe is my house? Does my current system provide enough security? There is no need to continue using it; we don't leave the house, is it necessary?... these are the questions most would ask.

 "A safer home, a better home" summarizes our answer to all of them.

Security systems have never ceased to surprise us, in this article, we'll tell you about the latest innovations available for your home.

Smart homes

There is no doubt that technology has become an integral part of our lives, this is reflected in the relationship we have with our homes. Today, we live more closely connected to our homes than ever before.

Through security systems linked to a home wireless network, we can now keep track of everything that goes on in our homes even when we aren't there. With a SmartApp, we can manage and see in real-time what happens both inside and out of our home.

As a way to reduce energy consumption and increase home energy efficiency, you may want to consider Smart control options.

What? It is a wireless technology for smart homes and home automation.

Your home can now be controlled by your fingertips. You no longer have to move to turn on the lights or other automations.

The users want an integrated system that includes window and door sensors, smoke detectors, water sensors, and surveillance cameras that allow them to control and monitor their home remotely, and solutions like smart homes can provide that.

Over the years, smart homes have become increasingly popular. In terms of home health and safety, this technology provides great benefits. It is expected to triple in size by 2026, and with them their benefits also.

The elderly will feel more protected as a result of this change. With the peace of mind that their privacy is not invaded, these systems are able to keep an eye on your loved ones.

In case of a fall or emergency, the user is notified immediately and a quick solution is provided.

Smart locks

Our lives wouldn't be the same without our mobile phones. Companies of home security have embraced this trend. Today, you can monitor your home anywhere, 24 hours a day by downloading a SamrtApp on your phone. They can now control your house lock with a simple click thanks to advances in modern technology. By using these devices, you can schedule access to your home or control when your doors open and close.

Other features include geofencing, which uses the location of your mobile device to lock and unlock doors, voice activation of Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, and the integration of other smart home devices such as video doorbells, outdoor cameras, and thermostats.

The Smart technology is used to control and manage geofencing, taking smart home technology to another level. Smart technology, wifi, and Bluetooth operate as long-range wireless sources. Besides being one of the best options to protect the home, it is affordable to everyone. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good security system and you can even save money. Saving mode is a good option to use when you are away from home and comfort mode for when you are inside. Being able to enjoy the peace of mind of being able to manage your home's thermostat, lighting, and not wasting energy only gives you more reasons to integrate this new technology into your home.

Couple geofencing with home security and the result is easy and comprehensive home automation:

  • External and internal security cameras
  • Door locks
  • Garage door openers
  • In-home sound system
  • Thermostat
  • Led bulbs
  • Appliances
  • Electronic devices

Over time the models of door locks have been innovating, one of the latest trends that can be found in this model are touch smart lock concepts. Inside its elegant model, we can see that opening the door can be done by entering a pin code through a touch panel or fingerprints. The part of the handle is where the magic of fingerprint recognition is hidden. One of the most reliable and stylish locks we have ever seen!

The advantages will make you not want to live without a smart lock in your home:

  • Accessibility: you won't have to worry about forgetting your keys or losing them. A smart locking system lets you create unique codes for each member of the household and set schedules to control when they can use them.
  • Remote Control: you've probably experienced the frustration of ordering a package, but it turns up when you're at work or out shopping. With this technology, you can open the door remotely from your smartphone.
  • Notifications: instant notifications are available through our mobile application. If a door is not fully closed, the user will be notified for a quick response.

There will soon be a new smart lock on the market that uses your Smart Watch as a virtual key to lock and unlock your front door for our most curious users, those who love to be on the cutting edge of technology. We are used to paying for purchases with the Smart Watch, why not add a new use to the long list of things we can do with it.

Wifi Sensing

Let us begin by explaining what wifi sensing is.

Basically, wifi sensing detects movements and activities using WiFi signals.

From the simplest functions such as movement interpretation to breath detection, sleep monitoring, presence detection, and much more.

The technology has been seamlessly incorporated into the world of home security systems. Innovative alternatives to standard security cameras are taking home security to the next level. This technology offers a device that can see around corners and through walls, covering almost the entire house.

It is also simple and intuitive to use.

Health is another field where this technology has been applied.

Taking care of an elderly person has never been easier thanks to its solution. Wifi sensing can detect falls, abnormal behavior, and respiratory rate, warn of these actions, and help to prevent serious injuries.

How will this innovative solution benefit the future?

For now, its use in healthcare is limited to the home, but it is expected to be used in the clinical environment and care centers in the not too far future.

In the healthcare sector, professionals have become interested in the potential of using wifi sensor technology. With a simple, practical, and patient-friendly method, sleep disturbances, respiratory disorders, and abnormal cardiac activity could be detected.

As mentioned at the beginning, the pandemic has disrupted the entire world and with it all sectors.

On the positive side, Covid has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of the home security systems industry. Spending most of our time at home, and now that telecommuting is part of our lives, making the home safe and promoting good health has never been more important.